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Translators needed!

VisualESL.com is a website specially designed for ESL student who prefer to learn English visually. We noticed that the website could potentially benefit a lot from having multilingual functionalities.

If you know any of the languages below and would like to help, please contact us. Additionally, if you publish a blog / website related to ESL or education, we will put your logo on every page you translate.


Example: http://www.visualesl.com/pages/pl/tests/246/dzialania_na_liczbach

Languages we accept:

  • Croatian  Croatian
  • Czech  Czech
  • Danish  Danish
  • Dutch  Dutch
  • Finnish  Finnish
  • French  French
  • German  German
  • Hindi  Hindi
  • Hungarian  Hungarian
  • Indonesian  Indonesian
  • Italian  Italian
  • Japanese  Japanese
  • Norwegian  Norwegian
  • Polish  Polish
  • Portugal  Portugal
  • Russian  Russian
  • Spanish  Spanish
  • Swedish  Swedish
  • Turkish  Turkish
  • Ukrainian  Ukrainian

Interested? Please, contact me via the form here: http://www.visualesl.com/pages/en/contac


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