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What makes VisualESL.com special compared to other websites?

While there are lots of good ESL websites on the net, VisualESL.com is special in a several ways. First of all, VisualESL contains a growing collection of unique games to teach ESL to students. Apart from that, because we believe that spaced repetition is key to learning, we've set up a special system to keep track of the activities that you have taken. The system allows you to flag those activites that you'd like to take again today/tomorrow or this week. In this way you create can your personal lists of activites and that makes your studying much more organized.

VisualESL.com isn't only about testing. We have created a sister website, EnglishTensesWithCartoons.com. It is dedicated to teaching verb tenses.

How can I use the flags?

It's a very simple three-step process that will take a moment.

1. First of all, you have to create an account at VisualESL.com.

2. Now, you can bookmark any exercise via links situated below the exercise.

The links should look something like above.

 3. You can view your bookmarks for today, for tomorrow and for this week.

What are those colorful icons next to each game?

Those are "game types". We currently have three main games types.


The most popular game type on visualesl.com (makes up for about 70% of all ESL activities). The objective is to label all objects  with the corresponding draggable words.


While playing this game, you have to type in the correct word or sentence. Fill-ins are great for perfecting spelling.


Quizzes usually consist of 10-20 questions. Each question has from 2 to 4 possible answers. It is your job to decide which one is correct.



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